Benefits and precautions of camel meat

In which diseases camel meat is more useful. Benefits and precautions of camel meat:

An essential part of our health is protein, which we get from meat and other foods in our diet. According to nutritionists, animal protein is better than vegetable protein. Camel meat is eaten very fondly in Arab countries. In ancient Russia, camel meat was considered delicious. In Mongolia, camel meat provided valuable fat. Ancient nomadic tribes traded camel meat for other products and commodities. Camel meat was distributed around the world. Now in Pakistan too, camel meat has started to be liked and once a week camel meat is available in most shops.



Benefits of Camel Meat:

Camel’s milk is a natural remedy for ulcers While its milk has countless benefits, its meat also has countless benefits.

  • Camel meat is more beneficial than other red meats like beef and buffalo.


  • Gives strength to the lungs & Its cold application is very useful in asthma and chest infections and in fevers, especially chronic fevers.

  • Protects the heart vessels and useful in jaundice and hepatitis

  • It relieves shoulder & joint pain and also strengthens bones.

  • Arqan Nisa also relieves the pain of Shattika.
  • Use of its fat is beneficial in piles.
  • Also useful in urinary irritation.

  • Vitamins potassium, calcium, phosphorus are found in camel meat in sufficient quantity, vitamin BC and iron present in it increase blood production and also make muscles strong.
  • Apart from this, its meat is also useful for eyesight.
  • In America and Germany, people also use camel meat to lose weight.
Camel meat is salty, so blood pressure patients should be careful in using it.